Saturday, December 24, 2011

End of Hiatus: Welcome to Naija!!

So after a hiatus filled with a crazy summer and crazier first semester, I'm back in blogging action for my return to the motherland. This time I'm in Nigeria, for play, not work like in Ghana.

I believe now is the time to put out there that I haven't been back to Nigeria since '06, but now that I have such close interactions with Africa in two separate occasions, with two quite semi-similar countries, I will naturally have to compare the two. Nigeria by default will always be better simply because they produced an angel as myself. Aside from that, though, I wonder how my posts will change...

So yea, Naija. I flew out of NYC Thursday, landed Friday and now it's Saturday morning in Port Harcourt. This trip started out as any stereotypical flight to Nigeria might. My sister and I met another Nigerian family while waiting in line to check in for our flight and their bags were stacked to the ceiling. Maybe 10 bags for three or four people. They all looked overweight and they were definitely eying our much lighter load, asking if we could take a bag or two for them...Umm...nahhh??. They were stopping in Abuja anyway so it wasn't going to work, but I had to laugh at the situation. Unfortunately, after they tried to check in, we never saw them again...not even on the plane. It's possible that all their load was not allowed on the plane, and therefore, they weren't allowed on the plane. I'm sure it's not the first time for a Nigerian flight, but still kind of sad.

Fast foward past the 15 hrs worth of flying, the 5hr layover in Germany, the worst-then-terrible Lufthansa Airline food, the 2 hr wait for our luggage and the drive back to our house. I'm chillin in the crib, with slightly faulty internet but mad family and BOMB stew and rice to boot. Can't complain about a thing. I think I might try to pick up some pidgin while I'm here make I show am in my posts. O lookie there, I've already started little bit ;). Merry Christmas Eve y'all!!