Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Balling 5.13.2011

Today was a bit more relaxed. We started work and researched incubators a bit. I believe that tomorrow we’ll get to sit down and talk with Simon (the director of Abusua Foundation [the NGO that we’re working with]) and start brainstorming based directly off of their vision. But we got great things done today. Jack and I soon plan to do “fieldwork” and go talk to people who live in Cape Coast about how businesses are run. It should be a lot of fun. I’ve been having funny, intense dreams and apparently it’s caused by the malaria pill that I’m taking. I’ll try and keep track of them but today’s started with a bunch of random people I know playing basketball. I left the room and suddenly I’m in some sort of indoor auditorium seating area with more randoms from all throughout my life and then I walked into another gym (one of those dark ones that they always have in the Gatorade commercials with the basketball players sweating red juice and what not) and two professional basketball players were playing; one older, one younger. At first, they were playing pick up games and I was just watching and the suddenly I was playing with them and they were clearly better than me. Then suddenly AGAIN the older one was coaching me and there were twenty or more basketballs out of nowhere and he was passing them to me one after the other and there were just so many and it felt really real and I was sweating and then I woke up.

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  1. Nony. Why is this sooo funny?!?! okay, I need to suscribe to this and get back into the blogosphere. I meeeessss you!