Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"No Sexual Deviants" 5.12.2011

So, I counted the Welcome Sign as yesterday even though, technically, I landed in Ghana on the 12th. But here’s the post for today because it has been quite the experience outside of the plane ride. First, I got off and coincidentally, my cousin, Adaeze—who is here on another trip—was standing outside the baggage claim! It was great to see a familiar face outside of the people that I came with. She’ll be in Cape Coast but I forgot to get her Ghanaian number so I’ll need to Facebook that later.

Today has been funny because I’ve been testing out how well I can blend as a Nigerian and not just American. I hit ‘em with that light accent and they know I’m not Ghanaian but I can tell they aren’t writing me off as just an American lol! Or maybe they are and they’re just being very nice about it. Anyway, I came in through the Ecowas (Western region of Africa) Nationals line with a Nigerian passport and I’ve been riding this citizenship ever since.

So yeah, how’s Ghana? It’s hot and humid but Cape Coast beaches are amazing. People are steadily trying to guilt us into buying things everwhere, which leads me to 150 Days of Summer Picture Number 2.

Please excuse my crazy look and tired eyes. My jetlag was getting the better of me and I was getting ready to go to bed anyway. But if you can’t read it, it says:
To: My Dearest Friend, Nony
From: Your Friend Kofi
That was cute but was I going to pay for that? Heeeckk no. I felt a little bad, but then we got in the car and drove away and all was well again. Otherwise, today was pretty basic. I realized for the first time in my life, I under packed. I actually didn’t pack anything almost. Mistake. On that note, gotta find some clothes tomorrow.

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