Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm On a Plane 5.11.2011

So I’m on the plane to Accra after an abundance of STRUGGLES. Note to self that procrastinating while traveling doesn’t work half as well as procrastinating to catch the bus that’ll take you to the train that’ll take you to the subway that’ll take you to the airport. With all that change in transportation between Penn and the airport, you really want to stick to a schedule. -_-. Point taken for next time. Long story short, I made it to the airport with an hour and fifteen until take off and the Jamaican lady at the front was purposely trying to make me sweat. “Why weren’t you here two hours before your flight? No, you can’t get on.” What?! I looked at her and I’m just like, NO. I traveled nearly 4 hours to get here (JFK from Philly), I missed my bus, had to take NJ Transit AND I forgot to checkout and return my key so from all that I was in the hole over $150 within a few hours and I was literally looking at a sign that says “All Domestic and International Flights Must Check in 60 Minutes Before Take Off”. I’ve been so kind as to leave 15 extra and I’m going on this plane if it’s the last thing I do.

Of course, all that was definitely said more timidly than it’s coming across now because that Jamaican teller was scary, I can’t lie. And I had a strange suspicion that she was wielding her power in such a way that one wrong step would send $1400 down the drain very quickly. Any who, after telling me that Ghana doesn’t accept Nigerian passports without a visa (which is false) and that my bag couldn’t go (which it did) she finally let me through and I waited forever through the security checkpoint, sprinted to the gate (thanks track!) and made it onto my 10 hour flight to Ghana. THANK THE LORD JESUS!!

To close this off, can I just say that the flight to Ghana has everyone that you wouldn’t expect on the plane? I saw an old man with a snapback and J’s on. I saw more than several white people. I saw a little Ghanaian-American boy with the sharpest line-up I’ve ever seen and with a batman backpack bigger than he was (think the cartoon bags that were big in high school a few years back if you were anywhere near Black people). I saw the hoodest dreadhead ever with his pants around his knees. I even saw a Que with his purple and gold hoodie on. Everybody was on that plane, literally. And then we landed and this is the picture that welcomed us. Akwaaba! Welcome to my blog! Haha.

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  1. no pic again but i'm so glad you got there safely!